R. Randy Lee | ABOUT R. RANDY LEE, P.C.
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The law firm of R. Randy Lee, P.C. offers big firm service with a personal touch. We are committed to providing our clients with quality, comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective legal services. The personal involvement we bring to all of our work allows us to develop close relationships with, and a deep understanding of, our clients and their businesses. R. Randy Lee’s real world experience operating businesses just like yours allows us to provide counsel beyond standard legal representation. Our unique approach provides clients with more comprehensive advice to address all of their professional needs. Browse through our site to learn more about R. Randy Lee, P.C., and the firm’s many practice areas.


Big firm experience and savvy, without the big firm billables


If you have been represented by large firms you have likely had your matters passed around to different, often junior, associate attorneys. You were likely billed for their learning curve, often called “getting up to speed” – as well as for the time the partners spend reviewing their work. Or you may have needed to explain your case each time a new lawyer comes on board.


Have you ever come away from a meeting with your current attorneys feeling your problem hadn’t been fully addressed because your lawyer had no business experience and was addressing legal issues in a vacuum?  How often have you told yourself “I wish my lawyer had experience running a business and understood the interplay of my legal issues with business risk? If only my lawyer could intelligently discuss my financial condition/decisions with my accountants and consultants so that I could get more comprehensive representation.” How often have you looked at your monthly billing statement from a big firm and wondered what real value you received for all that money?


If you are looking for a better alternative, R. Randy Lee, P.C. is a wise choice.


R. Randy Lee and the lawyers and consultants he works with are ideally suited to represent you in safeguarding and optimizing your business interests. We recognize that you are looking for cost-effective, comprehensive legal advice that takes into account practical “real world” ramifications. R. Randy Lee and his strategic practice consultant network have experience running businesses like yours. They speak the same language as your accountants, insurance brokers, and bankers.

Real Estate
  • Residential & Commercial
    • Purchase

    • Sale

    • Foreclosures

    • Short Sales
    • General Leasing

    • Ground Leases

  • Title Issues & Title Insurance
  • Family Ownership/Dissolution Disputes
  • Mortgage Lending or Borrowing
  • Appraisal Review & Analysis
  • Government Relations / Lobbying
Land Development
  • Zoning & Planning Issues
  • NYC BSA Variances 
  • NYC DOB, DOT & DEP Matters
  • Easements & Declarations
  • Environmental Consultation
    •   Wetlands

    • Endangered Species

    • Special Topography

    • Phase I & II Review

  • Development & Land Consultation
  • Government Relations / Lobbying
Business Law
  • Business Entity Formation
    • Corporation

    • Limited Liability Company

    • Limited Partnership

  • Operating & Shareholder Agreements
  • Business Buy & Sell Agreements
  • Contract Disputes
  • Business Planning
  • Intellectual Property
    • Trademark Clearance & Prosecution
    • Copyright Registration
    • Licensing
    • Enforcement
Will & Estates
  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Healthcare Proxy
  • Power of Attorney
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Planning
  • Eldercare Planning