R. Randy Lee | Real Estate Transactions
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When it comes to real estate transactions, time is of the essence.


Do you really have time to wait while your deal gets shuffled between desks for days, or even weeks? If your real estate legal needs are not being expeditiously met, you could miss out on a golden opportunity to purchase the real estate you need at a great price or, conversely, that great sale might go by the wayside because your lawyer isn’t ready “to strike while the iron is hot.”


R. Randy Lee has extensive hands-on experience in completing real estate transactions. He also understands that you rely on your real estate attorney to react immediately to any issues or correspondence that comes from the other party, the title insurance company, the bank, or any other entity involved in the transaction. R. Randy Lee knows that “time is money.”


The law offices of R. Randy Lee, P.C. will treat your real estate transaction with respect and provide the service you need quickly and accurately. R. Randy Lee will make sure that everything is set for a clear and timely closing on your property. Whether you are buying real estate for yourself or for your business, the legal services of R. Randy Lee will ensure the timely and successful completion of the transaction.


Real Estate services offered (residential and commercial) include:

  • Residential & Commercial
    • Purchase

    • Sale

    • Foreclosures

    • Short Sales
    • General Leasing

    • Ground Leases

  • Title Issues & Title Insurance
  • Family Ownership/Dissolution Disputes
  • Mortgage Lending or Borrowing
  • Appraisal Review & Analysis