R. Randy Lee | SERVICES
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If you are looking for a better alternative, R. Randy Lee, P.C. is a wise choice.

The lawyers who work with R. Randy Lee, P.C. are ideally suited to represent you in safeguarding and optimizing your business interests. We recognize that you are looking for cost effective, comprehensive legal advice that takes into account practical “real world” ramifications. R. Randy Lee and his associated attorneys have experience running businesses like yours. They speak the same language as your accountants, consultants, insurance brokers, and bankers.

Real Estate
  • Residential & Commercial
    • Purchase

    • Sale

    • General Leasing

    • Ground Leases

  • Title Issues & Title Insurance
  • Family Ownership/Dissolution Disputes
  • Mortgage Lending or Borrowing
  • Appraisal Review & Analysis
  • Government Relations / Lobbying
Land Development
  • Zoning & Planning Issues
  • NYC BSA Variances 
  • NYC DOB, DOT & DEP Matters
  • Easements & Declarations
  • Environmental Consultation
    •   Wetlands

    • Endangered Species

    • Special Topography

    • Phase I & II Review

  • Development & Land Consultation
  • Government Relations / Lobbying
Business Law
  • Business Entity Formation
    • Corporation

    • Limited Liability Company

    • Limited Partnership

  • Operating & Shareholder Agreements
  • Business Buy & Sell Agreements
  • Contract Disputes
  • Intellectual Property
    • Trademark Clearance & Prosecution
    • Copyright Registration
    • Licensing
    • Enforcement
Will & Estates
  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Healthcare Proxy
  • Power of Attorney
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Planning
  • Eldercare Planning


The attorneys of R. Randy Lee P.C. have wide ranging experience and unique skill sets they can apply to your aspirations or problems and will help your business excel. Leave the legal headaches, strategizing, and roadblocks to them & continue running your business.

R. Randy Lee believes in being able to offer the highest quality service to every client.

That is why he has created a strategic network of other professionals who can assist in certain types of cases. Whenever he utilizes his strategic network of professionals, R. Randy Lee remains intimately involved in the administration of each matter, stays accountable to his client, and demands the same quality results from his partners that he would give himself.

Services offered through R. Randy Lee’s strategic network include:

  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce and separation
  • Insurance claims
  • Personal injury
  • Asset protection planning (including estate protection planning)
  • Crimnal defense
  • Condemnation
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Environmental clean-up issues and other environmental challenges
  • Government Relations / Lobbying