R. Randy Lee | Land Use & Development
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Utilizing property that you own or are considering purchasing can be a complicated matter if you do not have the right attorney on your side.


Before you purchase a property or decide to utilize a property that you already own, whether a residential or commercial site, you need to be sure that there are no environmental issues that will interfere with or limit your plans to develop the property and that your goals are reasonably attainable from a land use perspective.

R. Randy Lee is not only an experienced attorney, he is also an experienced real estate business professional. When it comes to the nuances of land use and property development, as the founder of the NAHB’s Legal Action Network for Development Strategies (LANDS), there is no one who better understands all of the potential challenges you might face and the issues that can pop up. When it seems like everyone has an objection to your proposal, it is good to know that you can rely on R. Randy Lee, to help you navigate both the approval and community highway to success.

Some of the land use and development services offered include:

  • Zoning review & analysis
  • City Planning approvals
  • BSA variances
  • Development and Land Use consultation
  • NYC DOB, DOT and DEP matters
  • Easements and property declarations/restrictions
  • Environmental consulting that includes work in the areas of:
    • Wetlands
    • Endangered species
    • Special topography/tree issues
    • Phase I and II environmental assessment review